Hello and welcome! I’m McKenna Dean, jack of many trades, who finally realized they were all prep to be a writer.

I’ve been an actress, a vet tech, a singer, a biologist, a teacher, and a dog trainer. I’ve also been a writer for many years under different names. Now I want to try my hand at something completely new. 

I like putting my characters in hot water to find out how strong they are. Like tea bags, only sexier.

There are three primary series underway: The first is the Bishop and Knight series, which is set in the 1950s and deals with the rise of paranormal beings after the advent of WW2. Henrietta (‘Rhett’) Bishop and Peter Knight are charged with tracking down and cataloging the influx of alien beings and their technology on Earth. In between cocktails with the neighbors and hunting down the next paranormal threat, Rhett and Peter are the perfect investigative–and romantic– pair.

The Redclaw Security Series is set in the present day and centered around the agency created in response to the changing world population. Run by shifters for shifters, Redclaw is more than a security firm–they are family. The Redclaw stories are a bit steamier than the Bishop and Knight series, as shifters find themselves battling clan politics and human prejudices to protect their mates at all costs.

Last but not least is The Shifter Sister Series: four shifter friends band together to find each other the perfect mate before their hormones kick in and pick their mates for them. This series is a light-hearted look at dating in the shifter world when fated mates and animal instincts war with matters of the heart.